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Course Project Subject: Mobile Devices including phones and tablets. The business problem statement is poor communication via mobile phones and tablets have doomed most organizations lack of communication with team members and with the technology today with texting, e-mail and even social media to keep in touch is very important in the business world to be successful. With the market today of some businesses using the latest technology to communicate via iPhone, Android or tablets keeping track of attendance, payroll and other forms of employee interaction. There are some that actually lack technology in their online application process where you fill out a printable form for employment instead of HTML. Using a smart phone or tablet to complete all or a portion of the information online would make the business more competitive. As technology improves businesses will be below the power curve. The name of the company I choose is Cabelas, Inc. because that is the company I used to work for and their communication is poor between employees and management. The proposed solution I would like to propose is having the organization have the funding to buy mobile devices to keep track of employee communication and send updates to employees on personnel matters. This also enables the company’s management to track communication logs to verify that each employee received the text or email. Some of the general benefits it will provide the organization a key efficiency in key processes such as employee development and utilizing multiple applications within your mobile device for attendance and other software issues. Possible audiences for recommending is department and Senior management because they will be the ones helping utilize the software or applications to obtain a better position on

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