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MSM658 Course Project The following activities provide an opportunity to apply the skills you have learned in the prerequisite course, MSM 657, and the information provided in this course. Each activity represents a significant part of the project management process as described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). By working through the following incremental activities, you will learn a step-by-step approach to project management. Applying this method to projects you will lead in your professional career, will provide you with the best opportunity to lead project teams to complete their work on time, within scope and within budget. Learning Objectives After developing the project management plan and project plan, you will be able to: Identify project team roles and method of project conflict resolution Plan and estimate percent complete for schedule and budget management Identify methods for schedule compression and/or recovery Develop a communication plan and a risk management plan Identify methods for budget and scheduling estimates Develop a resource plan and balance resources Perform earned value analysis on an actively tracked project plan Timeline Week 1 - Project Selection and Project Charter Week 2 - Project Scope Statement Week 3 – Work Breakdown Structure Week 4 – Refined WBS and Communication Management Plan Week 5 – Adding Resource Costs to Tasks Week 6 – Risk Register and Probability and Impact Matrix Week 7 - Project Procurement Statement of Work Week 8 - MS Project Close-out Activities and Submission of Final Project Management Plan Week 1 Course Project Selection – Project Selection and Project Charter This activity sets the stage for successful completion of the course. The time you spend thinking about which topic you are going to choose for this course will set you up for a great learning experience. If you select a minor topic

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