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MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Project Proposal/ Outline Overview of Organization The subject matter for this course project will be that of Hostess. Named Hostess Brands, Inc., established in 1903 until recently this year of 2013. It’s known to the industry for its bakery items consist of Cupcakes, Pies, Cakes, Breads and the famous Twinkies. Based out of Texas the company has recently hit their second bankruptcy in the past 10 years, the first one in 2004. Through the support of research I will discuss the matters that caused the sweet indulgence company to go under, not once, but twice. Additionally with what changes were implemented, if any, from their first break in 2004 until their final closing here in 2013. Through professional experts will be able to explain how it wasn’t just the decrease in demand for Hostess’ sweet treats but how the company lacked management and ultimately lost faith in their employees, which caused them to collapse. When employees don’t have the support of their employer, they tend to give up on the company in which they work for. My role for the company will be an operational analyst in determining what the company did wrong through finances, sales, ethical obligations and their commitment to their employees. Though Hostess has filed bankruptcy, lay off thousands of workers and has sold a majority of their named brand items, they still have asset that they are selling and additional items that they will continue to produce. As a consultant to the company I will help them make the proper adjustments to modifying the company’s practices as well as properly selling the rest of their assets. Just joining the team this year, I will be able to incorporate my professional experience and knowledge around what is needed to successfully establish, run and accomplish the successfulness of running a company. Through my

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