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Course Project Chassity Moody Keller Graduate School of Management James Bridges Table of Contents Background 3-4 Goals 4 Objectives 4 Organizational Management 5 Code of Ethics 6 Action Plan Marketing Plan 16-17 Financial Management 17 Observations 18 Triple Waight Chicago, Illinois Midwest Region This organization was created as an avenue for children who are misplaced, unloved, or who have no family to care for them. It helps them to overcome the fears that they ensure as a result of these obstacles that they struggle with as a child that most adults are unable to deal with. This company is necessary because currently there is 1.5 million that live on the streets of which 3.6 million have been molested (Safe Horizon) Which children are most likely to suffer abuse or neglect? Age of most children who become victims of abuse and neglect: 18 months or younger Number of children in the United States who died because of abuse or neglect in 2010: 1,537 Of the number of children who died because of abuse or neglect 79.4% were younger than four years of age 47.7% were younger than one year in age Rate at which boys become victims versus girls: Nearly the same (48.5% make versus 51.2% female) How many reports of child abuse are made? Number of reports child abuse every year in the United States: 3.6 million Number of children involved in child abuse reports: 6 million Safe Horizon (2010) Triple Waight’s owner being a product of child molestation recognizes the struggles these children face on a daily basis. Often time going into the community to just feed a

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