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Crystal Yancey Final Exam Course Project 8A: Page 88 in the text book gives a long description of what listening actually means and the process often used to do so effectively. I think that this part of the class is what helped me the most in accomplishing my interpersonal communication goal. I found that if I pay more attention to listening to what others are saying, I do not have the urge to interrupt as frequently. This was the key all along. I have learned from chapter 5 that listening is a very important part of interpersonal communication and there is a lot that goes along with it. It is easy to simply hear what someone says, but listening involves using your brain to understand and retain the information being exchanged. 8B: The behavior that I have changed is interrupting people when they are speaking to me. I did not perfect this habit, but I have made tremendous progress. Interrupting people is not the only behavior I have improved either. While working towards my interpersonal communication goal, I managed to improve my listening skills as well. This became a two-in-one package deal for me during the progression of this course. Due to the fact that I am now paying more attention to what people are actually saying, I am more eager to hear the rest of their thoughts instead of interrupting them midstream. I have also found that I remember more of what has been said because I have been focusing more on the comprehensive listening form, not the critical form of listening (which I had been very accustomed to before this course). 8C: I can’t think of any situations in which I have been dissatisfied with my communication behavior change, but there are numerous situations that turned out a lot more positive because of the change. I honestly attribute most of this success to chapter 5 in the text book. When I took the little questionnaires offered in the

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