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Courier Srevice Essay

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The courier industry is a specialized industry where an individual chooses to pay a premium forsending money or goods via a company or an individual who pursues a career or an enterprisein delivering parcels and goods between prearranged destinations. With the onset of globalization the courier industry is rapidly growing and many companies are vying for a greaterpercent of the market share due to the attractiveness of the industry. One of the main reasonsmany individuals are attracted to courier rather than normal postal companies is because theyguarantee speed, safety and service.With the onset of technology and rapid growth in computer science, courier services areproviding high tech services for its customers by providing them with a unique signature thatenables them to track their parcels progress and distance to its place of arrival. It is due tothese special services and extra customer services that the costs of courier services are higherthan ordinary postal service.The courier industry is a rapidly increasing and developing industry which sees a lot of newcompanies being formed over the globe. All these companies vary from each other since theyhave their own strength and weakness which they seek to exploit in order to gain a portion of the market share. Depending on the amount of capital and recourses a company has theyconduct operations on different spectrums of the industry.They can either have operations within a city, between cities, regional, national and in theextreme end of the spectrum on a global scale. Some of the largest companies in the courierindustries are UPS, FedEx and DHL. It is due to this reasons that it is important to conduct astudy of this particular industry.


In order to conduct a study on the industries general environment, it was very critical to pick amodel which would enable a thorough analysis of the factors in the macro environment whichwould have a significant...

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