Courage in Zell Miller

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On September 1, 2004 Democratic Senator Zell Miller spoke unforgivable words. He delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention in favor of the Republican President George W. Bush. Because “[his] family is more important than [his] country” (Miller), Senator Miller addressed the country stating that he would rather have the Republican candidate run the country than the Democratic candidate. By preaching these words, Miller showed acts of political courage by standing up for his own beliefs and discovering that his own family and his own morals are more important than his political status. To the Democratic Party, “Miller [was] doing exactly what the Republicans have accused Kerry of – flip flopping” (Renfroe). After his speech, Miller was disliked and even despised by many Democrats. They felt as though he was not loyal to his own party and might as well just declare that he truly is a Republican. The Democratic Party was not only upset with Miller because he stood behind the Republican Party, but because he publicly humiliated John Kerry: “The B-1 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, dropped 40 percent of the bombs in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom” (Miller 3). Zell Miller purposely pointed out flaws in Senator Kerry’s actions to exemplify to the audience why he would not feel his family would be safe and protected under Kerry’s rule. Throughout the rest of his speech, Miller projected statements such as, “John Kerry has been more wrong, more weak and more wobbly than any other national figure” and “From John Kerry, [terrorists] get a ‘yes-no-maybe’ bowl of mush that can only encourage our enemies and confuse our friends” (Miller). Phrases such as these are discouraging to both parties. Even the Democrats, strong supporters of John Kerry, may have thought twice about their vote when forced to listen to such facts. After this speech,
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