Courage In The Alchemist

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Determination and courage help us to develop and achieve our identity. There are many factors that help develop and determine an individuals’ identity. These factors are caused as a result of the various experiences that an individual goes through in life. These experiences promote determination in some and courage in others and help develop a person’s identity. The journey that a person takes in life similar to Santiago’s in The Alchemist clearly illustrates the factors that contribute towards one’s identity. The relationships established during this journey also play a part in establishing a person’s identity. The positive and negative experiences in life along with the friendships established also plays a key role in making a person’s identity. Determination has a huge impact on our identity. Determination is focusing on our goal and putting all the effort in our power to achieve it. Nothing or nobody can stop a person with strong determination from achieving or following their goals or dreams. For instance, in The Alchemist, Santiago’s firm belief in the treasure made him determined to travel across the desert into another country and follow his dream of finding the treasure. His determination helped him overcome all obstacles and prevented him from losing hope which shows the huge…show more content…
Our sense of identity is an accumulation of past experiences which instil the unique values, attitudes and behaviors we display. These experiences can either make an individual or break an individual. It is necessary for an individual to go through these experiences as they help us to define, change, create or sharpen our identity. As illustrated towards the end in The Alchemist when Santiago finds out that the treasure was buried in Spain the entire time through which he finally realizes the importance of his journey through which it helped him discover his identity and achieve his Personal

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