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MIDN Hunter Hageman 5 October 2013 Courage Courage is one of the most important characteristics that a person can have. It is something that can change history. It separates leaders from followers. Courage is found in those that are willing to stand up and face their fears. It can be found in history books, movies, on television, and basically every aspect of life. It can even be as simple as overcoming personal issues. Courage is needed in an ever changing world. Courage is being able to do something that might scare someone else. A common fear is speaking in front of a group of people. Someone with courage would be one of the first people to volunteer to present a project when the teacher asks who wants to go first. It is easier for someone to say “I’ll just wait to be called on” rather than “I want to go first”. Once in front of the class, a courageous student would have little to no difficulty presenting since it is something that he or she does not fear to mess up. Courage can also be standing against something that is wrong, like bullying. If someone is being called names, a lot of people might just walk by and think about doing something rather than actually standing up for the victim. It takes courage to put yourself in a potentially awkward or even dangerous situation since the bully might direct his or her attention to you. In the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, the cowardly lion shows how he is afraid of a lot of things he encounters such as sheep (when asked why he doesn’t try and count sheep while going to bed). This contradicts the normal thought of lions which are known to be the king of the jungle. When he goes and talks to the wizard, the wizard tells him that he has had courage all along since he was brave enough to face the witch who was the antagonist of the movie. Anyone can have courage. It is just a matter of putting into action what you

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