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Courage On December 1st, 1955 in Montgomery Alabama, during a typical evening rush hour, a woman took seat on a bus. Before even arriving at her destination, she had started a social revolution. The woman was asked to move to the back of the bus due to laws on segregation; she strongly refused. She was then vigorously beaten and arrested. This well known woman, Rosa Parks, gave herself for the fight of freedom and equality that day. “When I made that decision” she said, “I knew I had the strength of my ancestors with me” Rosa obtained a thing we call courage. Her action upon the bus that day is now known as one of the most courageous acts in history. Courage is normally known as the act of going beyond your fears. When the concept of Courage arises, many think of something extreme like a man juggling 3 running chainsaws. Although these examples do hold truth, you can also find courage displayed in a variety of subtle ways such as a young boy standing up to a bully or someone building up bravery to ask someone on a date; but what is courage? In the early 1200-1300 the word courage was known as “corage” in Middle English with the definition of “heart” or “innermost feelings”. One example of this is from the book Ordre of Chyualry. The text of this book holds the line: “Fayr frend, what is your corage or entent?” This shows the longing for answers to the innermost feelings of the question receiver. Other uses were normally applying more negative descriptions such as, Anger, wrath, haughtiness, pride. Another common use was the use to describe Confidence or boldness. Although the definitions and uses of courage did vary, they mostly had to do with the heart, sprit, or emotions of the individual. The definition of courage is a definition that has not greatly changed over time. Although the word is no longer portrayed in a self-centered

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