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Courage has various meanings, so what is courage? Courage is something we all possess, but hardly ever use. I find that courage is showing strength when there is pain and grief. Courage is simply being fearless. Courage is fighting for what’s right. The men and women that lost their lives trying to save the people in the world trade center on 9-11 had a tremendous amount of courage. Courage is showing strength when there is pain and grief. For example Eliezer Wiesel (a Jew) lost his family, only had eight months with his father, had to starve to death, and work extremely hard in harsh weather. Even though he started to lose faith in God he still had courage. Elie had so much pain and grief built up after being in those concentration camps, losing his family, being shaved and marked with a tattoo, and never once did he give up which is one exceptional example of courage. Courage is simply being fearless. Jesus is a good example of being fearless. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He did it because he loved us not because he had to. Jesus was a very courageous person when he walked this earth, and was put through so much torture. He took the worse beating, dragged a Cross for miles, and was nailed to that very Cross. His final words were “It is finished”. He showed no signs of fear just pain. This is yet another tremendous example of courage and being

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