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Mr. Chiundiza Responding to Literature September 4, 2012 Courage Martin Luther King had enough courage to get African Americans civil rights. Muhammad Ali had to have a lot of courage every time he got in the ring. Abraham Lincoln had to have a lot of courage to get rid of slavery, but where do these people get their courage? In my opinion, courage comes from three major areas: it comes from instincts, is learned, or is influenced by other people. The first type of courage is instinctive courage. Instinctive courage is when one just feels like he must do the right thing. He was never trained. He was never prepared, but he would still go into a burning building to save a child he doesn’t even know. This is how a mother bear protects her cub from something ten times her size or how dog never leaves his owner no matter what. a great example of this would be Robin DeHaven. He saw a burning building on his way to work one day. He went in and saved six people. He won the Carnegie award, and award won by only twenty one others, for his heroism. “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face.” - Winston Churchill. The second type of courage is learned courage. Learned courage is when people either get over a fear or are taught to not to be afraid. A great example of this would be a soldier or a firefighter or batman, etc. The last origin from where courage can come from is through influence. This type of courage is achieved through pure inspiration. This is when a person one looks up to does something heroic. Then, when there’s an emergency situation, and somebody needs to be brave, the person that looked up to him will think, “What would he do?” Therefore being influenced by the other man’s heroism. A great example of this would be Reverend Martin Luther

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