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Laquanda Sellers COMP I Definition Essay July 27, 2011 COURAGE What do you think about when you think of the word courage? Being brave and fearless is the first thing that comes to mind. But it literally means “an action that comes from the heart.” Courage is a magnificent word. Many people show act of courage everyday. It takes motivation and deep thoughts to perform an act of courage. For example, suicide bombers have to have the courage to blow them up for whatever religion or reason to do it. Public speakers’ has to have courage to get up in front of a crowd and speak. Small things such as telling someone you love them are an act of courage. Why do we need courage? You need courage to perform everyday routines. Taking care of children is courage, going to work take courage, and even holding a casual conversation with a stranger takes courage. This action will always be deeply respected by other people. We need courage to do the things that need to be done. We need it to overcome fears. We can say that courage is being strong even though you are afraid, but on the other hand it is taking risks without knowing the future result. Bravery, heroism, valor, spirit, boldness, firmness, determination, these words can all be viewed from a point of being definitions of the word courage. This word is a combination of these words and has a deeper meaning. Use courage in your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to try it. Some people say it makes your life much easier not walking around being afraid to show that you have

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