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Courage If you look in a dictionary and find the word courage you will find a few different definitions. All of them will be fairly similar though and read something like the following: mental or moral strength to venture, preserve, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. The origin of the word is from the 13th century Old French “corage” which was derived from the Latin “cor” meaning heart. This may mean different things to different people. I think there are three main types of courage and they are all important even though they are different. The first thing that comes to a lot of peoples mind when they think of courage is probably going to be someone putting themselves in harm’s way. Doing something dangerous in order to help another person. This is what I would call physical courage. This may remind you of bravery or being heroic. When I think of physical courage I think of soldiers. They are constantly putting their life on the line in order to preserve freedom for millions of people they don’t even know. Anything at anytime could hurt one these men and women while they are at war but they have a quality of mind that allows them to face danger without fear. This is courage. Another form of this virtue is social courage. This type of courage is also very familiar to most of us as it involves the risk of social embarrassment or exclusion, unpopularity or rejection. It means being able to express opinions and preferences without checking to see if they are in line with “everyone else's” opinions and preferences. It helps us apologize and admit that we were wrong about something. Telling close friends you’re gay is social courage. Another good example would be a teenager going to school and wearing clothes that fit their personal style and not just wearing what’s “in.” To take it a step further maybe this person has a flip phone and is not afraid to use

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