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Courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution. For example, bravery in a battle, being able to stand up for yourself, or not allowing peer pressure get the best of you when a group of friends offer a cigarette, etc. Courage can be the one and only state of mind that most likely will get you through the most difficult situations one may face in life to the ones that are not so difficult Madame CJ Walker was born in 1867 in poverty-stricken rural Louisiana. The daughter of former slaves, she was orphaned at the age of seven. Walker and her older sister survived by working in the cotton fields of Delta and Vicksburg, Mississippi. She married at age fourteen and her only daughter was born in 1885. After her husband's death two years later, she traveled to St. Louis to join her four brothers who had established themselves as barbers. Working as a laundrywoman, she managed to save enough money to educate her daughter, and became involved in activities with the National Association of Colored Women. Changing her name to Madame CJ Walker, Sarah founded her own business and began selling her own product called Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower, a scalp conditioning and healing formula. To promote her products, she embarked on an exhausting sales drive throughout the South and Southeast selling her products door to door, giving demonstrations, and working on sales and marketing strategies. In 1908, she opened a college in Pittsburgh to train her "hair culturists. She overcame her adversity because first she from the cotton fields of the South from there she was promoted to the washtub, from there she was promoted to the cook kitchen, and from there promoted into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparation and have built her own factory on her own

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