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Courage is Deeper Than What it Means “Live life not without fear, but with gallantry against it“. Christian L J Silver. What kind of feeling arises in you when you hear the word courage? Is it the same meaning in the dictionary which “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous“? The word “courage” is a magnificent word that is not just defined by its significant meaning . I always find difficulty defending it though the dictionary as the result of its usage because courage must be used for justice: creating an influence that give people a good image about courage. Courage is an English word that was used in the Middle Ages and it is still used in our time. The word courage is defined in the dictionary as many words like: bravery, heroism, valor, spirit, boldness, firmness, persistence, fearlessness, determination, but all these words are just words that try to give a meaning of this word. However, courage must be a historical fact that shows the people how much sacrifices a courageous person gives up. An example of each word is probably the best description to start explaining the meaning of any word. For instance, many people have risked their lives and died just to show the highest examples of courage back in time, and it is still respected by many people that witnessed or heard about it. Courage is an action that a person takes when he or she is in a hard situation , where they make a positive decision at a wrong time and it can cause them their lives. Courage is some thing deeper than it means, it is taking a step without having an idea about what can be the result of that movement. In the end courage can be defined in many ways, but for me it is something that is true and comes out from the heart. Courage is when a person stands up for others without showing off or putting his or her self under the spot light.

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