Country to City Life Essay

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Comparison and Contrast Country Life to City Life In today’s society there are two main types of living. Country life to city life, both offering similarities and differences in two diverse types of living. Country living allows some of the same accommodations that city life offers, such as grocery stores. In the country aspect they may have one or two grocery stores to choose from compared to the handful that is offered in the city. City living can offer a simpler sense of living with there being a wider variety of activities to choose from, such as going to the movies, laser tag, roller skating or bowling, as compared to living in the country where a lot of the activities have to do with outdoors, four wheeling, riding a bicycle, or hanging out at the park. Country and city living are similar when it comes to cost of living. You may make different amounts of pay in both country and city, but it all equals out in the end because the cost of living is typically higher in the city then country, so even though you may make more in the city you are going to spend more. There as in the country you make less but the cost of living is cheaper. Country driving and city driving are similar in a sense that in the city even though you may have stop lights, traffic and possibly have to drive from one end of town to the other to reach you destination in the country you may use just as much gas driving from your house to reach your final destination in the town because of the location of where you live in the county. These are just a few examples of how country living and city living can be similar and different at the same time, but be two totally different types of

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