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Country Risk Analysis Brazil-Summary

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Country Risk Analysis Brazil - Summary
Political Risks
  * President (Dilma Rousseff 2010 first female president Workers Party) -> 4 year term, can be relected once.
  * Voting is mandatory
  * National congress made up 513 deputies, 81 senadors -> party with more seats more important.
  * Lula's high reputation   economic policies and welfare programs to eradict hunger , fought youth unemployment and the program ‘Bolsa Familia’ -> largest redistribution program fighting against poverty.
  * Rousseff's responsabilities   Growth Acceleration Program, Internal security and country image for following events.

Bad governance and corruption
  * No uniform security policy, lack of cooperation between states.
  * High number of homicies and illicit drug traffic-> law violated in city slums
  * Population feels unprotected and insecure.
  * Judiciary system -> crowded and contentious legal
  *   Mensalao, ‘big monthly scandal’, latest case of corruption ->political staff receiving payment from public funds.
  * Corruption directly connected -> organized crime, violence and lawlessness climate in city slums, weak judiciary and violent police department.
  * Ranked 73rd among 182. BRICS list ranked 2nd after South Africa. Latin American countries list 3rd country, scored 0.1 percent higher than average-> average for a Latin American country.

Lack of democracy and political stability
  * Brazilians are in favor of the democratic government.
  * Government supports market competition, no restrictions or disadvantages for use of profits and transferences.
  * Reduction of high taxation levels necessary, efficient government spending, flexibility of public authorities and legislation.

National Trade Policies and Foreign Relationships
  * Policy changes -> unilateral liberalization and regional economic integration
  * Member of the World Trade...

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