Country Risk Analysis Algeria

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Country Risk Analysis Algiers, Algeria Completed by 31 July 2012 Word count; 4985 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction The remit in this role has been to conduct an independent and objective assessment of the following issues. Assess the general security environment in the company’s area of operation. Research and conduct an analysis of the regional/economic stability, cultures, traditions and taboos and how they may impact on the security/ safety of individuals and organisations. Areas of Concern The major areas of concern involve meet and greet procedures on arrival into Algiers and travel security within Algeria. The organisation must also monitor developments in terrorist activity and have a number of pre-planned measures ready to implement should the security situation deteriorate. The threat to foreign nationals is ever present in Algiers and a very real risk to anyone operating throughout Algeria. Through conducting a thorough assessment some key security arrangements were identified before travel or permanent residence is to commence in Algiers. Recommendations The following recommendations are set out to mitigate any shortfalls and create a robust security and procedural framework that would enable a dynamic response to any problem that may occur in the future: * Travel security to and within Algeria must be carefully managed. Travel management procedures, including meet and greet procedures should be implemented with immediate effect. (E) * Physical, procedural and responsive measures are required for all offices and accommodation in Algiers in line with the recommendations in the main body of this report. Work sites that are not in a permanent position will also require physical, procedural & responsive measures. (E) (See recommendations page for full details) Conclusion It is concluded that the

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