Country Oaks Elementary School Case Study

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Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities at Country Oaks Elementary School Western Governors University A. Introduction of Country Oaks Elementary School Country Oaks Elementary School (COES) is a school of unique environment. It is located in rural southwest Florida. The faculty maintains a safe and parent-friendly environment for all students within in the school. The educators strive to follow a state-based curriculum, committing themselves to a whole child approach in support of each child reaching his or her highest potential. COES has 791 students enrolled (VPK-5). Most children enrolled come from low to middle-income homes, homes where one or both parents have not had a college education. However, in recent years we have seen student demographics become more ethnically and economically diverse. This vast change has held many challenges and lots of opportunities for students, faculty and the small surrounding community. A1. Local Demographics At COES there has become a majority-minority setting. Due to a major sugar corporation expanding, there are more jobs for the…show more content…
Culturally-Based Communication Practices One communication practice displayed by new students is their non-verbal communication. Some cultures teach that it is not polite to look at adults when being spoken to, and in others adults believe that it is respectful to look and adult in the eye when listening or responding in order for the adult to know that you are acknowledging what they are saying. Physical touch is another culturally-based communication practice displayed from certain students. In some cultures physical touch (touching hair, hugging) is a sign of showing affection. Some children like to hug, or sit closely enough to other students where they are physically touching another student, even if they’re knees are touching. It is a sign of happiness, or affection. Whereas, other students were brought up in a culture where physical contact is taken as

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