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Country Notebook Essay

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      I have chosen Nigeria as my country of export. Nigeria is one of the wealthiest, and at the same time poorest of African nations. 58% of the populations don’t have access to a clean drinking water source. Safe drinking water is a basic human necessity and is fundamental to health, growth and development. A large proportion of people of Nigeria live without access to clean water. As a marketer I have seen this grim situation as an opportunity that can benefit both my company Zuciya (which means pure in English) and the people of Nigeria.
      By placing one of my “Da Refresher” water purifiers in the home a person will see a dramatic change in the quality of their drinking water.   “Da refresher” removes up to 99% of harmful bacterial from normal tap water, making my product a break through; not only in technology but in overall quality of life.

Executive Summary:
      Nigeria is commonly known as the “Giant of Africa” in several respects.   Its geographical area is equal to the combined sizes of Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, or the combined sizes of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi; its human population of about 90 million makes every fourth African a Nigerian; it has vast material resources with a highly educated and developed human capital, and it is one of the most, if not the most, culturally diverse and ethnically pluralistic nations in Africa.   Each of its presently identified 250 ethnic groups (otite 1990) is defined by a system of exclusive language and cultural symbols.   “symbols are objects, acts, concepts, or linguistic formations that stand ambiguously for a multiplicity of disparate meanings, evoke sentiments and emotions and impel men to action” (cohen 1971) . “Symbols are shared and collective, and are often highly charged.   They constitute viable resources in the struggle over scarce political and economical rewards in state systems” (otite 1990).

Country’s history:
      In the...

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