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A Country Girls Guild to a Modern Day Love Essay

  • Submitted by: gauragirl
  • on April 27, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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I am what would be considered your typical country girl.   I grew up in a very small town, rural setting. The nearest city was an actual city, yet a small one only consisting of 102,313 people.   My yard was ten acres big, my nearest neighbor one hundred yards away, and on each side of me stood a big red farm.   The high school I went to only had about seven hundred students.   I am a country girl.   Being a country girl I was extremely naive when it came to relationships. However, I learned a lot about them when I came to the city.   I learned that what standards to look for, what to watch out for, and that friendship should be at the core of every relationship.
My standards in a man are very clear, and not shallow at all. I believe that a man must posses five traits.   He must be chivalrous, kind, caring, humorous, and must have some similar interests than me.   My small town raising has caused me to become very old fashioned in the fact that I believe that men should automatically do the little things: open doors, pull out chairs, and over all just be gentlemen to the ladies. This includes overall kindness and respect towards the girl.   They also must genuinely care about her wants, her needs and listen when she talks.   It is crucial that a man listen when I talk, and respond to what I say.   It is also important that we have something to talk about, something in common.   Without this, there is no chemistry and a dating relationship cannot form.   A sexual attraction also is very helpful and to an extent needed.   Without that, it is only a very deep friendship.
Moving to a big city made me realize that there are some men out there who pretend to be amazing, but really are not.   These men are shallow and should not be trusted under any circumstance.   For example, my suitemate had some people over one night.   One of the guys knocked on my door, and of course I opened it.   He said “Hey!   Wazzup?”   My first impression was that he was really nice and kind of cute.   However,...

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