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QUT Lazybones Canada or Mexico? Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 Introduction 2 3.0 Economic Considerations 3 3.1 Country Data 3 3.2 Gross Domestic Product 3 3.3 Country Development 4 3.4 Labour 4 3.5 Economic Liberty 4 3.6 Trade/Investment Restrictions & Enticements 5 4.0 Political Environment 5 4.1 Political Risks and Stability 5 4.2 Corruption 6 5.0 Business Environment 7 5.1 Taxes, operating costs and shipping 7 5.2 Access to Capital 7 5.3 Existing Industry 7 5.4 Market Potential 8 6.0 Country Choice 8 7.0 Conclusion 9 Reference List 10 1.0 Executive Summary Lazybones is an Australian company that was established in the 2000. The company provides customers a unique and relaxed, vintage feel for their bedding line as well as women’s sleepwear, dresses and clothing. Lazybones has grown from creating only sleepwear to crafting clothing and bedding lines that are cherished and stocked in over 200 stores worldwide. Lazybones has expressed an interest in expanding its manufacturing into a foreign market, either Canada or Mexico. Canada is a more suitable country for manufacturing Lazybones. Some reasons include economic consideration that costs of labour, freedom and future growth and business environment, politics factors that shows Canada is more stable and legality. It is recommended that Lazybones sets up a wholly owned subsidiary. 2.0 Introduction Lazybones is an Australian based apparel company that designs, manufacture and sell linen and women’s sleepwear, dresses and clothing. Lazybones is preparing to extend manufacture either in Canada or Mexico for customers demand. This report will evaluate and determine which country is most suitable for Lazybones’ expenditure. 3.0 Economic Considerations 3.1 Country Data | Canada | Mexico | GDP (PPP) 2014 | US$1,574 billion | US$2,077billion
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