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Country Analysis China the largest populated nation in the world, it is rich in culture and history. China is considered to be the melting pot of customs, religions, nationalities and traditions. As of 2011 China’s terrorism[update] usually involves Muslim militants within large Muslim populations. Otherwise terrorism in China is pretty rare (2010). China is considered to have some of the best technology in the world. A few of china’s most recent inventions are the PSP and Play station 3. The most advanced systems out right now are the Play station 3 aside from the iPod touch. The other system is known as the PSP. It is a handheld version of the Ps3 but with different features such as picture gallery, music player, on the go gaming, and a lot of other features. Reports on China’s economic conditions have shown that in 2008 the fiscal Chinese economy grew at a 9 percent rate (2010). This rate was lower than in the 2007 fiscal year when the economy grew at a 13 percent rate. The rate of economic growth the last quarter of the 2008 fiscal year was at a 6.8 percent growth (2010). The most recent reports on China’s economic conditions reveal that the owned banks of China have supplied loans worth $175 billion. This money was supplied in order to help the national economy (2010). China has had a recent rapid economic growth which has caused an environmental degradation (2010). Many different factors, such as the conflict between environmental concerns, economic development, insufficient government regulation of China's environment, and last but not least the lack of awareness in the public regarding environmental issues has hindered China's struggle to find an appropriate balance between environmental health and economic prosperity (2010). The economic rise of China increases the odds of its currency. This will ensure China’s currency

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