Counterproductive Behavior Essay

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Roger Martin: The Age of the Inauthentic Executive Thought Leader Interview: Marshall Goldsmith Learning to Discuss What Matters Most The Magazine of the Rotman School of Management / Spring 2011 Undiscussables You know those moguls who’ve made and lost a fortune? Don’t be one of them. For management of portfolios of three million or more call Jim Bantis or Patrick Keeley at 1.866.681.6001. Wealth and Risk Management Undiscussables Spring 2011 Features 4 40 The Age of the Inauthentic Executive: How a Dysfunctional Community Encourages Bad Behaviour by Roger Martin Rarely discussed but widely practiced, earnings management is the first step down a dangerous path. 16 Getting Tensions Right: How to Use Conflict to Drive Performance by Ken Favaro and Saj-Nicole Joni Leaders at all levels can learn how to turn unproductive tension into productive tension. Discussing the Undiscussable: Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace by William R. Noonan Feelings of threat and embarrassment often lead to negative workplace outcomes. Three tools can help. 22 4 16 STOCKMARKET DROP TONE OF VOICE ACCOUNTING 46 Encouraging Leaps of Faith: Taking Fear Out of the Risk Equation Dean Roger Martin talks to Microsoft Canada CEO Eric Gales about his greatest challenge: getting the world’s most successful firms to try new things. 52 Difficult Conversations: Learning How to Address What Matters Most An Interview with Douglas Stone The man who wrote the book on Difficult Conversations talks about how they threaten our identity and why it’s not always wise to share your feelings. 28 Blind Spots: The Roots of Unethical Behaviour at Work by Max Bazerman and Ann Tenbrunsel Acknowledging the perils of the ‘want’ self and addressing the informal values in an organization can lead to more ethical behaviour. 58 SPOKEN WORDS
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