Counternarcotics Efforts Analysis

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Running Head: LAW ENFORCEMENT AND COUNTERNARCOTICS Law Enforcement and Counternarcotics Efforts in the State of Arizona University of Maryland University College The Arizona Fusion Center, also known as the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center was created to support the Arizona homeland security initiative. Their mission is to protect the citizens of Arizona and the crucial infrastructures of the state. To accomplish this mission it is crucial that Arizona’s Law Enforcement Department augment and coordinate counter terrorism intelligence and the undercover support endeavors between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Its purpose is to ensure the trade off of intelligence and other information in a judicious amount of time between agencies, state, local and federal. ( 2011) In a report by Hedgecock (2010) he asserts that “the United States is actually giving up portions of Arizona to the Mexican drug cartel.” Hedgecock also writes that “in a press conference that was overlooked by the American national media a sheriff gives…show more content…
“it is essential to increase information and intelligence distribution and techniques related to the Southwest border. Increase synchronization and teamwork of intelligence collection, tactical and calculated analysis, including distribution of information throughout the Intelligence Community, law enforcement agencies and other government units’ involved. Also increase collaboration and the incorporation of intelligence collection programs, and activities to connect intelligence efforts and products to operational requirements and abilities. Increase intelligence sharing between federal agencies, units, and state, local and tribal groups who share responsibility for the Southwest border.” (2011, p. 10, 11,

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