Counterfeiting Essay

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1) Why is counterfeiting such a big problem for markers in Canada and other places? Counterfeiting is defined as "to imitate something. They are often produce with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the original product or products. Counterfeited products are sometimes referred as "knock-offs". The most popular product counterfeited is currency. There are many forms of counterfeiting such as government bonds, documents, clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, wine, watches, electronics, arts, toys, music, cigarets, stamps, electronics only to name a few. Very expensive or desired brands for example Rolex, Gucci and Michael Kors are the easiest merchandise to reproduce cheaply. Many of the factories produces both originals and counterfeiting products in the same factories, like China, North Korea, and Taiwan using inferior material. Counterfeited merchandise and services have similarity company logs and brands. Having the reputation for being of lower quality, toxic and often not even working for that which it was designed. China leads the world in the most counterfeited goods and production. Fake merchandise (i.e. knockoffs) accounts for 8% of China GOP. Majority of counterfeited products are transported from Asia to Canada and then sent into the United States. In Europe, food and privacy are that counties biggest issues. According to Customs Directive No. 2310-011A dated January 24, 2000, Customs officers shall permit any person arriving in the United States to import one article, which accompany the person, bearing a counterfeit, confusingly similar, or restricted gray market trademark, provided that the article is for personal use and not for sale.” 2) What can marketers do to deal with this problem in Canada and other places? In my personal opinion, marketers can point out safety features of the products.

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