Counterfeit Acts Essay

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Counterfeit Acts In our generation pretending to be something we are not has become a trend. We all have had moments where we have done things to fit into a crowd. Whether it was to fit in to a crowd or just impress somebody, it happens all the time. I have personal experience with pretending to be something just to fit in. My whole school career has been full of honor programs and honor classes, but when I began high school I was introduced to advanced placement courses. In my freshman and sophomore year I took a variety of honor classes and passed them with great ease. In my junior year a lot of my classmates so I thought I would try them also. On the first day I was extremely excited to have all of my friends in the same class. My teachers moved faster, the work was more challenging, and the assignments came in handfuls. I watched my friends take the tests with ease and keep up with the work. I struggle with every piece of work that was given to me. I began to realize that advanced classes were not for me, but I could not quit the class. Instead of trying to pass the class, I worked hard to act like my friends and get the work done. The more I tried to mock my classmates studying habits and work schedule I realized that I was becoming a better student. In this case pretending to fit in a crown had its benefits. Although I altered myself as a student I got great results and passed my advanced placement classes with A’s and B’s. I ended up taking more AP classes during my senior year and passed those with high scores as well. Inmost cases I would say pretending to be something your not is a bad thing, but if people surround themselves with positive people and things you tend to get positive

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