Counter Culture Essay

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Muriel West Dr. Wood English 1301 September 14, 2011 Counter Culture Counter Culture can simply be defined as a rebellion to the normality to one’s culture. This phenomenon can be traced all of the way back to the 1960’s. The common ground that seems to occur in the topics I chose all direct the attention to music. Music was used as a way to express oneself and rebel against the normality of the culture. The three topics I chose to explain further on were counter culture within: The 60’s, The 80’s and The 90’s. It is believed that the beginning of the Counter Culture Movement began in the 1960’s. During this century it was the norm for the father to go to work every day and provide for his family. Mother’s stayed home and took care of housework and the kids went to school. Now this all started changing by such historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, and the introduction of different styles of music. The Civil Rights Movement marked the time when African Americans were no longer standing for segregation that that was imposed on them. They were led by many but the most successful leader was the Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. He started this movement approximately 1955 with the Montgomery Bus Boycott and this lasted for a little over a year. During this time views on this controversial issue opened many eyes and changed the hardheaded notions of a mass of people. Dr. King continued this movement until his death in 1968. Also happening through this time another group of people were breaking out. They are often known as “ hippies” and lead a completely different lifestyle than on what was expected during that time. They wore their hair long and wore loose fitting clothing or no clothing at all. They were such a nature enthused and free thinking group of people. A common religion was Buddhism or no religion at all. Typical music choices

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