Count of Monte Cristo

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jade allen The Count of Monte Cristo essay:vengeance The novel “the Count of Monte Cristo” had many different themes ,but by far vengeance was the most important out of all of them. Vengeance was so important to both the conclusion and the climax to the story ,because that was one of the maim reasons that Dantes did all those things in the story. Both the story and the main character started going trough many changes because of the need for revenge. The theme of vengeance impacted both the story just as much as it impacted the main character Dantes. The story was impacted in such a huge way because if Dantes had never looked for vengeance when he escaped from prison he could of just got out and lived a normal life without him having to waste more of his time having to hunt down all those people that hurt him. All he could of done when he got out of prison was to have forgotten about the past to start a new life. “I regret having helped you clarify your past and having told you what I did. Why? Because I've instilled in your heart a feeling that wasn't there before:vengeance.” (Dumas 58) The theme of also impacted Dantes a lot ,because he had already wasted fourteen years of his life because of what his enemies did to him , and now he was going to waste many more years on them trying to set his plan of vengeance in action. Another way the theme of vengeance impacted the character was by the way Dantes started changing his personality so much from the beginning of the story because when he escaped from prison he was no longer the sweet and nice man he was at the beginning of the
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