Counsilling Essay

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My understanding of Counselling This essay is about my personal experience of being on the course and the reason why I choose this counselling course last September. I will try and inform you what I have learned on my journey. During last summer I was at a cross roads in my life and I knew I needed to do a course to enhance my life going forward .I had done some research on different courses and by chance I met someone who recommended this course highly in so far to say it changed her inner self and her outlook on life and the reasoning why people go to counselling .Immediately I thought that this was a opportunity for me to broaden my mind, and learn new skills in a subject that I was passionate about. In the last few months I have enjoyed my study of counselling enormously. I have learned that the most important thing in counselling is that: you are there and you care: you listen with empathy acceptance and genuineness. First impressions are always lasting impression. It is important that the atmosphere for your client is pleasant and comfortable so they can feel at ease There are many reason why a Person decides to go and see a Counsillior. The concept of counselling is based on change, change of perspective , circumstances ,behaviour. and lastly change of coping ability .Keeping all these in mind Counselling provides an opportunity for a person to discover their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Understanding why we think, feel and act a certain way. Why we hold certain beliefs that we do. It always requires that the counsellor has patience and a keenness to explore our past and our presence .It can also provide a supportive role in the lives of people in all walks of life. It is important to understand and accept that everybody needs help from time to time in their lives. A counsellor is usually a person who is trained in counselling, its

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