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Professional Counselor Identity: Factors and Contributions Brianna K. Enriquez-Cabalis COUN5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors Abstract The focus of this paper is on the professional identity of the counselor, the development of a professional identity, and the factors and contributions to this identity. The discussion of this paper is based on key philosophies of the counseling profession, roles and characteristics of professional counselor roles, professional counseling associations, state licensure and certification requirements, professional development, and the effect of technology in counseling. A strong focus will be put on the School Counseling profession, contributions that increase the level of professionalism in this specific profession, and factors that distinguish a professional identity. These key factors of the professional counseling identity vary between counseling professions while efforts have been made to establish a unified professional counselor identity. Development of a professional identity relies on the level of education obtained as well as the amount of experience in the profession. All the factors mentioned above will have a strong impact on the way an individual develops their professional identity and their performance as a counselor. Professional Counselor Identity: Factors and Contributions There are numerous factors that contribute to the development of a counselor’s professional identity. The identity of a professional counselor may present numerous differences based on the specialization of counseling, as well as, overall identity factors that remain the same across the entire counseling spectrum. The paper examines key philosophies of the counseling profession which include: wellness, resilience, and prevention and how these philosophies impact the counseling profession. Next

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