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Abstract A discussion of my theory of counseling titled ability therapy. The overall approach is covered in my analysis. The use of my therapy is well covered in different cases of human life. Question 1 In ability therapy, we recognize the source of our abilities that is god. These abilities are given to human kind for a purpose, which every human being should strive to achieve. When we consider the unique abilities given to as by God we develop a sense of belonging, hope comes in because of the faith that comes along with appreciating the uniqueness and the happiness that is likely to emanate from our usage of abilities. An individual who has a belief in his God given abilities is full of hope; has great expectations and is happy (Kuttner, 2011). Happiness comes from our disposition. People are disappointed and hopeless because they have failed to identify their abilities and use them to earn a living. Many people choose careers based on the projected returns and the prominence of the field they want to pursue. Sadness creeps in because they spend their lives struggling to do something that is not connected to their abilities. This is reflected by lack of passion in their work. The bible gives cases of people who excel in their lives because they follow their abilities. Monetary gains are not a source of happiness but the fulfillment that comes with the knowledge that we are using our abilities to our level best makes satisfied with our lives. God told Jeremiah that he had his plans even before he was born. He was called to be a prophet and used the abilities he had to his level best. He preached and prophesied in the lands of juda and even though he never married or owned material property, he was always happy to do his work and serve god using the abilities bestowed to

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