Counselling Skills Level 2 - Journal Pt 1 Essay

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It was our eleventh lesson in on the course, I came earlier than usual to print off my coursework in the library because my printer at home has broken. We started the lesson with how we were all thinking and feeling. This particular evening I was feeling happy to be in one place, as I had been running around all day. I wasn’t really thinking of anything as I was quite chilled out. For the evenings lesson we were going to: * Revision for Exam using Past papers * Logging of our up to date journals To be honest I was glad that we were going to focus on the exam preparation and the logging as they are both crucial to the course. To be honest that was the evenings lesson in a nutshell. It was an eye-opener, especially when we went through the exam papers, as I the questions weren’t really clear, some of the questions that I had answer, I found out that they were wrong but I know understand the meanings of the questions as in the whole structure of it. I felt quite positive after this evenings lesson, the logging makes a little more sense to me now. I was thinking how fast this year has gone as it is December already. Saturday Workshop – Saturday 15th December Im just going to write a brief explanation of what happened on our Saturday workshop, I have written an additional piece explaining this more in-depth. We all met at 9.15 on Saturday morning for our course workshop. We all had no idea what to expect, so we waited for Delena and Jill to meet us and take us to the room as we knew we were in a different room to what we usually use. We were introduced to Jill Wyatt, first impressions she seemed very quirky, but very nice. I told her that I thought she had a very good taste in jewellery, she seemed happy with my comment. I felt a little nervous as we are all used to Delena teaching it was different for us. We learnt so much in this workshop I was

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