Counselling Skills Essay

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Counselling Skills This illustrates the balance between establishing context (the background to what you are talking about); the verbatim client-counsellor quotes; the identification of skills and theoretical discussion, including references; and reflections on your experience in session of the skills discussed. Note I have discussed three skills in one section, you could discuss just one. Also, I discussed something the counsellor did well, you can write about a skill that wasn’t used well, or one that you think the counsellor could have used but didn’t. Note that the references are fictitious, this is illustrative only. THIS WOULD APPEAR SOME WAY INTO THE ESSAY, AFTER THE INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL COMMENTS ABOUT BOOKING THE APPOINTMENT, MEETING THE COUNSELLOR, THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, ETC. I was telling the counsellor about my longstanding conflict with Jean, my elder sister, one in which she habitually bosses me around – at least, that is how I experience her. In a recent phone call Jean told me I was “an idiot” for leaving a job in which I was most unhappy. I told the counsellor how I responded: Me (slightly teary but also angry): I was looking for support and I got the same old judgements... I just lost it and said, “If that’s the best you can do, just go away, get out of my life. I’ve had it with you.” And I hung up. That was a week ago and I haven’t heard from her since - and quite honestly, if I don’t hear from her again it’s no big loss. Counsellor (leaning forward, softly spoken and looking at me directly in the eyes): So you were looking for support and you got criticism, and that made you angry... and you are still angry now. Here the counsellor used the skill of paraphrasing. Defined by Mitchell (2009) as the skill “of distilling the essence of a client’s statement into a brief, clear and coherent narrative” (p. 37), paraphrasing
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