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Page 1 The following essay is an overview of a role play featuring myself as a counsellor and a class mate as my client. The purpose of this role play is to demonstrate counselling skills that I have obtained from both modules counselling one and two. My partner was advised to discuss a real issue so as I was able to apply the skills in witch I have learnt. The discussion took just over twenty minutes and feedback was offered by other counselling student’s whom were present on the day. My practice partner\client was issued a client\interviewee consent form. Within the session I was asked to demonstrate the following, establish and maintain report with my client, allow my client to speak freely and tell his story by listening and using appropriate questions when nessasery. Respond in a respectful manner towards my client, provide the correct judgment on when and how to explore options, display appropriate body language to show that I have both non-verbal and verbal skills as a counsellor, show ability to apply open and closed question when needed in conjunction with other skills appropriate to my client’s situation. This essay will provide a brief summary of the session and give an accurate reflection based on how well the above skills were applied by myself and the impact they had on my client. By presenting verbitamin examples of skills used as evidence I will discuss the effects of the skills in question and discuss how well they may or may not have been executed. Identification of my personal account and feeling’s towards how the session developed and were I would have liked to improve my overall effectiveness throughout. There will be reference to relevant literature giving evidence to support my theories and ideas discussed in the unit. The practise session that is used in conjunction with this reflective essay was a twenty minute

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