Counselling Session Record

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Record of counselling session with John H. Cooper. John came out of the door while I was in the waiting room, he asked me to come in, closing the door behind me, gave me a firm handshake with a smile and gestured for me to take a seat. He outlined and explained the confidentiality agreement, made sure I understood and agreed with it and he formally introduced himself and I reciprocated. He started by asking a few basic questions, nothing too personal, do I work, and where I work when I told him. And about my uni course, which he was fairly interested in, judging by his body language, asked why I chose it and so forth. I noticed he was pretty much always looking at my eyes unless I used my hands to describe things, which I personally like. He let me talk for a while before asking me why I decided to come in for a session. I told him I felt a kind of need to succeed or achieve that in some ways I feel isn't really my own, because while I have this need, I'm not really motivated to do all the work necessary. He explored why that would be, I told him how I feel I should make up for what I consider my father's failure, despite his every advantage. Also how I'm kind of inspired by figures in history who came from basically nothing to become the prominent historical figures we learn about today. He asked if I felt any personal responsibility and I hadn't considered it before, but I did. I told him how I feel like I should make up for some of the failures in my past, things I could have changed. I went on about this for a good twenty minutes, describing some of the things I felt I could have changed, yet didn't. Mostly involving a few friendships which ended because of something I did, despite best intentions. I kind of went on from that, despite this pressure I place myself under, I don't put in the work in, which is directly affecting me at Uni. Just by
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