Counselling Diploma Level 4 Essay

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Summary I found this module on Counselling and the law very interesting and extremely challenging. I had no idea how important it is to know the relevance of the law within different situations that counsellors face daily. Before studying for this module I understood the importance of Data Protection and Confidentiality. I would also have had a little knowledge of the importance of reporting suspected child abuse. However I now realise it would be almost impossible to practise as a competent counsellor without have a good knowledge of the law. After reading and familiarizing myself with the ‘Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling’ by BACP They state as the Fundamental ‘Values of Counselling’ * Respecting human rights and dignity * Protecting the safety of clients * Ensuring the integrity of counsellor-client relationships * Enhancing the quality of professional knowledge and its application * Alleviation personal distress * Fostering a sense of self that is meaningful to the person concerned * Increasing personal effectiveness * Enhancing the quality of relationships between people * Appreciating the variety of human experience and culture * Striving for the fair and adequate provision of counselling services With reference to all of the above I have now realised that a counsellor could not offer such services to the public if he did not have the knowledge of the law regarding each circumstance? For example, how could he truly appreciate ‘the Variety of Human rights and Culture? If he wasn’t aware of ‘Racial Discrimination’, or ensure the protection and safety of his client without the knowledge of the ‘Health and Safety Act’ I agree whole heartedly that basic knowledge of the law is an essential ethical requirement for counsellors to promote safe practice and protect the rights of their

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