Counselling Cbt Essay

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Content: The middle stage in C.B.T is the developmental process. The counsellor uses a therapeutic style throughout the middle stage and concentrates on the therapeutic relationship that they have built up with the Client. The therapeutic relationship is an integral part of the middle stage and it is imperative that it doesn’t wane with the client. The main aim of the middle stage is to engage the active participation of the client in the counselling process. The second aim is to consciously teach the client the cognitive behavioural method of change. In the middle stage the Counsellor is steering the client from negative automatic thoughts towards intermediate and core beliefs. In doing this it is about bringing minimal change which assists the client to overcoming their problems but introducing this gradually. In the middle stage the counsellor will help the client unravel their underlying beliefs as automatic thoughts. However, counsellor need to be careful at this stage, we must not take the client to a deep level which they can’t cope with. In the middle stage the downward arrow technique can be applied. This technique was devised by Burns (1980.) According to Burns (1980) the “therapist first identifies an automatic thoughts.”Instead of changing the automatic there and then the Counsellor temporarily remains with the thought. The counsellor will further question the client until one or more of the underling beliefs are revealed. Beck (1995) states that an “intermediate belief is most likely to be elicited by asking what a thought means to the client and a core belief most readily assessed by asking what a thought means about the client.” I read up on asking clients directly for their belief, sentence completion, providing first part of assumption and belief questionnaires. I also read up on psycho education techniques. In the middle stage through

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