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WHAT IS COUNSELLING Counselling is the act of guiding an individual to overcome certain situations in their life or what they are encountering that that very moment in their life. However, counselling is not advising because during advice, the individual can tell the person in need, what to do and how to go about the situation but in counselling this is unprofessional and can be called being intrusive and forceful because advising can be taking the freedom of choice of the person and it could lead to the individual doing exactly what the other individual giving the advice wants him or her to do. The individual must have different skills as a counsellor during counselling and also personal qualities that they should possess like their Counselling skills, Moral skills and also ethical values by the BACP and the 3 core conditions that a counsellor must suite. Counselling skills. A counsellor during counselling must make sure that they are attentive to the client and they are not doing any other thing to distract them and the client as well. The counsellor must sit in the right posture as a professional and their body language should not put the client off or make them feel as if the counsellor is not interested in what they are going through. The counsellor must dress modestly to make sure that they are distracting the client or anyone else and also it shows a sign of professionalism. They must nod frequently to show the client and ask questions that are not intrusive. Eye contact and facial expression is also very important as a counselling skill because, it help the client be able to know what the counsellor actually thinks of their situation, because the facial expression and eye contact when is mastered carefully can speak exactly what the counsellor is thinking. Moral skills A counsellor must also be filled with very good morals and must not be provoking or a

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