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There are many skills that are used in the Counselling and listening field. Many of these skills are used in everyday life. As a Listener/Counsellor you use a great deal of skills including, * Active Listening: Active listening happens when you "listen for meaning". The listener says very little but conveys empathy. * Body Language: Developing encouraging body language (can take some practice) * Asking Questions: Asking questions - open and closed - is an important part in counselling skills. They can help a person open up. * Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is when you, the listener, restate succinctly and tentatively what the speaker said - conveying empathy. * Summary: A summary, in counselling, is when you focus on the main points of a presentation or session in order to highlight them. Pete Sanders (2007) (page 13 fourth edition First steps in Counselling) “Counselling skills are interpersonal communication skills derived from the study of therapeutic change in human beings, used in a manner consistent with the goals and values established ethics of the profession of the practitioner in question. In addition, the user of counselling skills will find that their own professional skills are enhanced by the process” 1.2 Outline different roles within which counselling skills may be used There are different roles that apply the above skill, many utilise one or a combination of skills either as a separate set of techniques or as a set of skills integrated with an already established professional skill or people skills. In such cases, * HealthCare Worker: Using counselling skills when they listen to a patient or grieving relative. * Education: Using counselling skills whilst dealing with difficult situations such as bullying. * Workplace: Using counselling skills by management at all levels when dealing with situations such

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