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Part 1–Evaluation of the role of listening skills in effective counselling. For effective counselling the counsellor can be considered to need to show competence in the following areas: interpersonal skills, personal belief and attitudes, conceptuality ability, personal soundness, mastery of technique and the ability to understand and work within social systems (McLeod, 2008). This essay will focus on the role of listening skills in effective counselling, evaluating where and when listening is important in other areas required allow counselling to be effective. McLeod in 2007 stated that ‘For counselling practice to be effective, the counsellor needs to be able to make and maintain contact with a client’ (cited D171 Course guide), this points to the role of listening as being great importance in counselling as active listening and good interpersonal skills would allow for a counsellor to both make and maintain contact. In the first part of the counselling journey the counsellor’s ability to ‘make contact’ is paramount for the whole process to show effectiveness.( McLeod, 2008) The counsellor needs to exhibit good interpersonal skills to build a relationship with the client to build a rapport, an emotional bond which allows the counselling sessions to successful. Bordin described the rapport as a ’working or therapeutic alliance’ (cited in McLeod). This alliance is essential for the following therapeutic sessions to be effective. This early phase can only achieve these goals, as with all stages of the counselling journeys goals, if the counsellor listens effectively to the client and is seen to be listening to the client. This can be achieved be the counsellor exhibiting techniques such as summarising, paraphrasing and clarification and show understanding and that the client is indeed being listened to. The importance of allow the client to believe

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