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What is Counselling? Counselling is a special relationship built on discretion, mutual respect and open communication different, as it involves commitment and clear restrictions with the intention of helping people to understand and identify their problems and to find their own solutions. It is about making the client feel at ease and also about allowing the client to make their own decisions; it is not advice giving or offering sympathy. Many people may use counselling skills as part of their work, but the counselling relationship is quite The belief behind counselling is that it helps enormously to share problems with someone who is there to listen and try and understand how things are for you the client. The counsellor is neutral and is there to offer support and strength during emotional times. More importantly they can help loosen the reasons behind issues such as depression, substance abuse and low self esteem, or come to terms with childhood pain caused by grief or sexual abuse. Counselling is a process during which the client will come to know himself, to understand why he engages in the same destructive behaviour or repeat the same patterns, and the end result is a more rewarding and tolerant life. There are many different types of counselling, each with different ideas about how the human mind has developed and different ways of working with issues. For example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is concerned with a client's behaviour and the context in which this takes place, with a view to learning new ways of behaving. Humanistic counsellors place great importance on the relationship between client and counsellor and believe in the essentially positive nature of human life, they tend to work more creatively and are more client

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