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Nicola Hydes Counselling Essay In this essay I will briefly discuss my main learning experiences and the impact this has had on my life. The structure of this essay will focus on the therapeutic relationship and how it worked within my practice placement. I will be relating theory to practical work throughout and also reflecting on my own self-development and some of the challenges faced. I did not realise how challenging the course would be my desire to complete the course and build on my knowledge/ skills gave me the drive I needed to succeed. One of the main challenges experienced for me as an individual was personal growth, at times throughout the course; I had to fight off sedimented beliefs of ‘I am not good enough’ ‘I can’t do it’. I gained a huge amount of self awareness, explored within myself and identified how these beliefs relate to my past and own ‘Conditions of Worth’s’ previously imposed upon me. Having this awareness of self has enabled me to strive towards growth and change. I can now trust in my own inner strength and strive towards reaching my own true potentials. I chose to practice within an Alcohol/Drugs and rehabilitation support unit. The organisation offers Alcohol/Drugs help i.e. advice, Detox and Counselling and one to one support. I did have strong views in relation to the misuse/use of Alcohol/Drugs, having experienced first hand family members who been victims of substance misuse, I have witnessed the damaging effect this has had on my family and the conflict/hurt experienced as a result of, also the vicious circle created through generations that have not yet been broken i.e. siblings who have followed similar patterns/paths of self destruction throughout their lives, I was concerned not only would this area of work bring back bad

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