Counseling Theory Essay

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There are six necessary conditions required in order for client-centered therapy to be successful in groups. First the therapist and clients must maintain a relationship where both the clients and the therapist perceive each other as being important. Second, the clients must be vulnerable to anxiety in order to motivate them to stay in therapy. Third, the therapist must be genuine. Clients can tell when a therapist is being real or phony so the therapist needs to be completely involved. Fourth, the therapist must accept the clients with unconditional positive regard. Fifth, the therapist must display accurate empathy towards the clients in order for them to believe the therapist truly cares. Cain says, "The best way I know of enabling clients to learn from their experiences is to enter empathetically their world and communicate clearly what they experience for their reflection and processing" (2007). The sixth and final necessary condition is perception. The client must perceive the therapist as being genuine and having unconditional positive regard. These six concepts mentioned are what I believe differentiates Carl Rogers approach from the other popular therapies, and is also the reason why client-centered therapy is so extremely effective for group work (Kirschenbaum, 2004). I like the fact client-centered therapist don’t ask a ton of questions or try to interpret and give advice to everything the client says. There’s no need to agree or disagree with the clients. Instead the clients get the opportunity to tell their own stories and figure things out on their own. One of my major concerns or worries is when I begin counseling individuals or groups will I have the training and skills required to be an effective counselor, and will I be able to impact the lives on my clients in a positive way. This is another reason I have been drawn to client-centered therapy. I

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