Counseling Session Essay

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Counseling Session Counseling session Counseling is somewhere where we can deal with our troubles when they feel they are taking over and getting out of hand. We may see a counselour for issues such as grief over a loved one, feeling out of our depth or swamped with issues at work, problems with our relationships, drug or alchol dependency or just feeling generally anxious or distressed. This list is endless as people have different are complex and the difficulties they are experiencing are also complex. Counseling provides a time and a place where we can take a long and honest look at whats distressing us, this is a place where we can explore our issues, raise our awareness, develop powers of self-reflection and feel encouraged to generate new understanding. With the help of a counselour we can find ways to accept and make peace with things we can’t change and make positive changes where we can. Counselours can quide us to explore what really matters to us, what and who we value, our beliefs, hopes and needs .( I book understanding counseling) Mcleod 2010 suggets that by attending a counseling session you may be able to delineate on your own experience as a means of relating to the clients that are in need of help, gaining an understanding on what it is like to be a recipient of help and reflect on the implications of the experience for a better understanding of the helping process. My essay will focus on my feelings before, during, and after my one hour face-to-face session, I will also be focusing on the skills that my counselor used during our session that could often be overlooked, skills such as body language, listening, empathy, paraphrasing, knowing when and how to ask questions, just to name a few. These skills may seem insignificant when in-fact these skills determine the difference between a helpful or a non-helpful session. My session was
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