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Historical Trend in the Counseling Profession: A Deeper Look into the Correlation of Counseling Trends and Development Abstract The literary review of research explores the historical trends in counseling within the United States and worldwide. Several research publications exhibit that trends in counseling occur relatively often and are an essential topics of discussion in the field of counseling from the past as well as the present. Through both academic and theoretical research by several great psychologists, counselors, and mental health professionals it can be determined that historical trends reoccur and also contribute in developing a concrete foundation of counseling. With this being examined, the author proceeds to associate the relationship between societal issues and historical trends throughout counseling. Numerous data and research is presented to express that fact that counseling trends are valuable to the practice and can be utilized for the benefit of developing newly found trends for society’s assistance. Keywords:code, common, counseling, ethics, historical, research, trends Introduction on Counseling A provision of assistance, professional guidance of an individual, consultation, or exchanging opinions and ideas, what do all these words have in common? They are all terminologies that can be identified with counseling. From a psychological standpoint, counseling is defined as, “a skilled activity that involves assisting others in managing and resolving psychological, emotional, behavioral, developmental, relational, vocational, and other personal challenges…”(Frederick, Leong, Altmaier, & Johnson p.119) In understanding counseling, it is essential to note that the practice is employed for supporting self-growth, aiding in the regulation of life altering situations, and

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