Counseling Multi Racial Women with Feminist Theory Essay

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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Any counselor will tell you the importance of your self-identity and the human psyche according to the notorious Sigmund Freud himself. All of those concepts however, are internal and focus on his perception of the systems of our brain and are in no way physical. So internally, we all have an identity but what about physically. What if you have nothing or no one to identify yourself with? Who are you? What are you? This is a common identity crisis experienced by people with a multiracial background. Being multiracial is often a challenge. I remember growing up and going out in public and seeing odd stares as people saw me walking with my parents. Confused looks on their faces as they pondered. My complexion was very pale and light resembling my father and his Creole race (White, Hispanic and French), while my facial features favored my mother (African American), whose complexion was a deep, mocha brown. Most only, stared and every now and then a few bold people would ask hesitantly, “Is this your daughter?” I was too young to remember their responses but as I grew older I finally felt their frustration and annoyance with the subject. Through middle school and beyond I struggled knowing who or what I was as far as race. I was often saddened and felt that the African Americans did not fully accept me since my complexion wasn’t as rich as theirs and I felt the White and Hispanic communities neglected me because my hair was kinky and not bone straight. I would often times hear people whispering back and forth “She can’t be Black, she doesn’t look like us.” Or “She’s too dark to be White” and “She kind of looks Hispanic, but she looks more Black and her hair isn’t straight.” “What is she,” the would often inquire. Deep inside I knew

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