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Counseling African American Woman Essay

  • Submitted by: beauty16
  • on December 12, 2011
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Counseling African American Woman   i

Reflection Paper on
Counseling African American Woman
on Substance Abuse

Tricia Raber
Diversity in CD Counseling, HUS 217M
Patricia Bax
November 7, 2011

Counseling African American Woman   ii

This paper will discuss, as an Addiciton Treatment Counselor, the skill set needed to council a African American woman in a addiction treatment center setting.   Included will be a brief description of my personal understanding of the cultural issues that African American women face.

Counseling African American Woman   1

African American woman have suffered many hardships throughout history.   They have had to deal with racism, sexism, classism and colorization, but to name a few.   It is amazing how a large quantity of them have made it through.   These woman have many successes, while some do not.   The ones that have not, unfortunately,   find it difficult to seek help.   There are many reasons that may prevent them from seeking counseling. Some of these are social stigma, superwoman syndrome, negative perceptions about counseling and the individuals doing the counseling.   There is a lack of people of color in the this field.   So, distrust and doubt do plague these woman and prevent them from seeking help.
As a counselor for these woman, you will need to completely understand, where they are coming from.   Social stigma is a main challenge in preventing counseling.   Many look at asking for help as a sign of weakness.   Some African American woman, also have the Superwoman Syndrome.   This prevents them from tending to their own needs, as they are taking care of everyone in their family circle.   Most of these women have a huge amount of responsibility.  

Mental Health and Substance Abuse counseling, is still looked at by people of this community as a white thing.   Unfortunately, there is a lack of counselors who are aware and have no knowledge and skills to work with African American woman.   Before counseling...

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