Counseling Essay

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Group and Individual Counseling Group and individual counseling have similarities as they have differences and constitute similar ethical issues as discussed below. One similarity would be counselors creating a goal to help the clients to move forward with their lives. Goal setting in individual counseling focuses on that one individual while group counseling focuses on the general problem that is affecting the group. In individual counseling, the client and counselor are able to build a relationship where the counselor pays attention only to that client’s problems. In a group counseling, members are able to bring to the table their views on the situation, this should help the family as a whole, the individual, and the counselor to be able to work on solutions to the difficulties. However, in individual counseling, the therapist may not actually get to see the true colors of his/her patient. The client can easily put on a facade and make things appear as though they are better than they actually are. In a one on one setting, counselors would only get a one-sided perspective on any of the issues discussed. However, one beneficial aspect of individual therapy may be that the therapist would be able to get more of an open and honest reaction out of their patient. That client may be willing to expose him/herself more freely than they would have otherwise. Both Group and Individual counseling are very effective methods to utilize when helping clients. There are times when individual counseling might be needed for clients based on the problems they share in a group setting. One way to determine if clients are in need of counseling would be, if clients’ problems revolve around their family and loved ones. If clients do not share their problems in a group and when they do share, if it revolves around their family and loved ones, individual counseling might be

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